"Dreaming of Inscriptions on Skin"
"Parasites, Influences and TRansformations 2 / Parasitic Electronic Seance IV"
"Undirected / Entbildung"
"Frozen Water"
"Tokyo Circle"
"Matrix (for an anechoic room)
"Finding of a State of Light: Distribution of Luminous Intensity and Its Fluctuation"
"Monitor Unit for Solid Vibration"
"Placed or Replaced"
"Topophony of the Text"
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Jan.28 (Friday) - Mar.12 (Sunday), 2000 [Finished]


Jane Dowe

The anonymous artist Jane Dowe has placed her work in the visitors' lounge. She is also a music journalist and has released a collaborative CD with Terre Thaemlitz on the German label Mille Plateaux. Her installation here, entitled <Discs,> is a combination of her ongoing CD project <Sound A1 & Sound A2 >and a project conducted over the Internet called <My Life on Minidisc.>

Piping music into public spaces is typically done, as in ambient music, in order to neutralize a specific environment. But Dowe's approach is different in that it seeks to make us aware of slippages in our perception of environments and places. Her CD project <Sound A1 & Sound A2> consists of two CDs including approximately seventy tracks of processed digital sounds from six seconds to under a minute in length, as well silent tracks. These tracks are randomly sampled to create an intermittent, non-linear, and fragmentary musical work. The listener finds his or her daily space suddenly intruded upon by a song with no beginning or end containing any number of unforeseeable interruptions. <My Life on Minidisc> is a project that solicits recordings on minidisc from the private lives of individuals who have stumbled across an announcement on the Internet. By presenting both of these sound sources at the same time it is possible to mix, or confuse, concepts and situations such as the presence or absence of sound or public and private space. Dowe also seems to be trying to defamiliarize and render chaotic the neutral public space of the visitors' lounge.

(HATANAKA Minoru / Assistant Curator, ICC)