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Participation in the Exhibition through the Web Pages
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April 19th to July 13th, 1997 [Finished] Gallery A

Participation in the Exhibition through Web Pages

You can participate in the process of creating the project through the web pages. Opinions and proposals collected through e-mail and fax will be available to the public, translated into architectural language, and continuously integrated into the "Internet" model.
Updates on the transforming plans, including those of the "Signatures" and "Visitors" sections, will be available at all times. For those who want to work on the project at home and send it back to us through the internet, the "Prototype" the model created at Arata Isozaki & Associates can be downloaded in the following formats: JPEG, DXF CAD data, and VRMX 3-D Model.
Anyone can browse all the materials concerning the project on the web pages, but they can also be downloaded and output at home/business. Anyone can browse all the material concerning the project on the web pages, but it can also be downloaded and output at home/office. The Image File is the entire plan for Haishi and a white print for further work. One can either print it out to draw on it, or work on it digitally using your own drawing software. Please fax us your paper drawing or e-mail us your digital work as an attachment. One can also work on the CAD data itself, a picture file of the total plan which can be read and edited by almost any CAD software, and send it back to us as an attachment.
Furthermore, if you download the VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) file, you can enjoy walking through the Haishi project on your web browser. Of course, participation in the texts is welcome, too. Please e-mail or fax suggestions. There are questionnaires throughout the web pages and we look forward to receiving your responses to them.

Because of this expansive interface, we expect the participation not only of urban planning specialists, but also of Utopian thinkers, scholars of future society, and many others.

English Translation: KOSO Iwasaburo