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April 19th to July 13th, 1997 [Finished] Gallery A

Prototype -- The Plan presented at the Venice Biennale, 1996

Haishi - the Mirage City is a proposal for a new Utopia. It goes beyond the static vision of Utopia. It is an open system, supported by the electronic network on which our future is totally dependent. Haishi presents an image of a dynamic city. Materials and energy, advanced technologies and regional culture, and East wind and West wind collide abruptly and create a whirlpool (tourbillon) in the energetic crowd of Asia. Haishi creates a basis for global activities where different politics, economies, and cultures come together. A new gust of wind springs forth from Haishi and blows toward all other parts of the world.
People do not necessarily become permanent residents of this island. They might visit Haishi temporarily for business, international politics, cultural or academic purposes. Haishi provides a place for international conventions or for vacations. This incessant flow of people will become Haishi's source of energy.
To respond to the different lifestyles, a variety of housing types should be planned. People can enjoy either formal or informal townscapes, or even a life on the water.
Energy saving systems and transportation systems that do not depend on fossil fuels will create the foundation for a comfortable environment.
(Quoted from "Zhuhai-Haishi Project, 1995", by Arata Isozaki and Associates in collaboration with The Center for Science and Engineering, Waseda University)