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April 19th to July 13th, 1997 [Finished] Gallery A

Venezia Biennale Six-fold Screen #1

Kaishi as Mirage City (1994-) is the construction of an artificial island in the midst of the south china sea off Macao. The original conceptualization began at the request of the government of Zhuhai city, the municipality with which Macao will merge in 1999.

The island is located at the crossroads of east/west and past/future, where the flow of "qi" springs up through the dragon vein originating in the sacred mountain. It looks like a mirage floating on the sea, something like what Sir Thomas More described in his book, Utopia.

The community structure of Kaishi transgresses conventional political, economical and social institutions and supports the fundamental shift in lifestyle habits that will be necessitated by the introduction of many kinds of alternative technologies - from new construction methods to energy efficient power sources, transportation systems and the rapidly changing communication media.

Kaishi is a model of the new world which has been emerging ever since the disappearance of the three conceptual bases for modernity: the frontier - which it was possible to believe in only when one's territory was infinitely expandable; the boundary - which existed when multiple nation-states guarded their own domains in tension with others; and the vanishing point - which stabilized the origin of the gaze of modern subjectivity.

A central organization of the political communities of Asia may come together sooner or later, just as the European nations have formed a union. Kaishi, as mirage city, will make an ideal center for these activities in sharp contrast to the modern convention that the main requisite for power is to rule the surface of the land.

Business facilities equipped with a new information network will be created. The information highway and satellites which are now transforming all the institutions of our social activities decompose the elements of our daily world into bits and reconstruct them into digital informatics.

Six-fold Screen #1