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April 19th to July 13th, 1997 [Finished] Gallery A


Mirage City -- Another Utopia is the inaugural exhibition for NTT's new InterCommunication Center in Nishi-Shinjuku. Directed by Arata Isozaki, it will be held from April 19th to July 13th, 1997.

The exhibition will function as an experimental model for the conceptualization and realization of a Utopian city for the 21st century -- the age of informatics. Its format stems from a fundamental suspicion of the supporting principles of modern society; monolithic universality, linear progress, and vertical hierarchy. A clue to this transformation from modernity to the new age comes from the concept of various "inter-ness".


Building on Haishi -- Mirage City is the stage on which four different models of a performance are to be presented during the course of the exhibition.

This is not an exhibition of a complete work, but of a process through which a new Utopian idea can take shape. It is a workshop in which the public participates and communicates as "the other" through the different networks available. This method has been chosen because it is our intention to show that city planning is possible without a master plan. This is especially true in today's climate, when all concrete determinations are thought to be impossible. The modern Utopia has been dead for 30 years. In its place alternative Utopia(s) will appear like a mirage.English Translation: Iwasaburo Koso