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April 19th to July 13th, 1997 [Finished] Gallery A


On display in the new ICC gallery are fully equipped work stations as well as the four large models. The working process itself will become a part of the exhibition. The models and the work stations are specified as follows:

Four Mirage City Models:
Each model represents one of the four different performances: Prototype , Signatures , Visitors and Internet". Models are built at a scale of 1:500 and are approximately 5 x 4.3 meters in size.
The primary building material is Styrofoam, and the pieces are then placed on plywood model bases that have been prepared prior to the opening of the exhibition. The Prototype model is created before the opening, while the other models are made and transformed throughout the exhibition period. Each model is highlighted by spot-lights from the ceiling and the floor is washed by blue light, thus creating the effect of an island floating on the ocean.

Three Work Stations:
Each work station is related to one of the three categories: Signatures, Visitors and Internet, and each is provided with three computers and a video screen.
The video projectors, enabled a RGB input, are controlled by the computers.
The video projectors, enabled for RGB input, are controlled by the computers. The computers are connected to the local area network and the internet. The work stations are provided with local lights for various operations.

Model Workshop:
Eight working tables, each 2.4 x 4.8 meters in size.
The models are transformed throughout the exhibition period. The work areas are equipped with appropriate lighting, six wire heat-cutters, and other necessary modelmaking tools.

English Translation: KOSO Iwasaburo