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[Temporary Closed] Special Screening: dumb type

January 18–March 1, 2020 [Closed on February 29 and March 1]

[Temporary Closed] Special Screening: dumb type


Temporary Closing

In compliance with Japan’s national health authorities, NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] have made the decision to close its facility from February 29 to March 1, as a measure against the further spreading of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Japan.

We apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment this may cause to those who had hoped to visit on both dates.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Dumb type was formed in 1984, whose members studied at Kyoto City University of Arts. They are one of the most important groups of artists in Japan that have shown their cutting-edge art works and performances at many museums and art centers internationally. Its members specialized in visual art, art, music, design, architecture and dance collaborate to create performance, installation, printed matters and CD. The structure of each collaborative project differs. In recent years they mainly worked overseas, focused on balance between technology and humanity.

In conjunction with the solo exhibition “Dumb Type | Actions + Reflections” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 7 videos of their performances, from 1987 will be screened.

Date: January 18–March 1, 2020
Venue: ICC 4F Theater
Capacity: 27 persons (online reservations are required.)
Admission free
Organizer: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]
Co-operation: dumb type office

* Doors open 15minutes before the start time. * Some seats will be added for each screening. The numbered day tickets for these seats will be issued from 10:45am on each day at the ICC entrance. * Please come to the ICC Theater at the start time of your reservation, or your reservation will be considered to be invalid.* After the start of the screening, you may not enter the theater.* 12 years old and younger are not allowed to see these programs.


“036-Pleasure Life” (1987), premiere: 1987, 81min.
“Pleasure Life” (1988), premiere: 1988, 59min.
“pH” (1992), premiere: 1990, 66min.
“S/N” (2005), premiere: 1994, 86min.
“OR” (1998), premiere: 1997, 68min.
“memorandum” (2000), premiere: 1999, 75min.
“Voyage” (2004), premiere: 2002, 69min.

Please make a reservation online in advance.

Please choose the session time in the day you will visit.
The reservation starts 7 days prior to the experience date.

When the visitor makes a reservation with the system provided by Peatix, it shall be deemed to have accepted the Terms of Service provided by Peatix Inc. For further information, see the following webpages.
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Peatix Non-Japan Terms of Service



Time Table

A0: ‘0℃’
B0: ‘Animistic Apparatus: Cosmos’
C0: ‘Special Screening: dumb type’
C1: “036-Pleasure Life”
C2: “Pleasure Life”
C3: “pH”
C4: “S/N”
C5: “OR”
C6: “memorandum”
C7: “Voyage”

11:20– 13:00– 14:40– 16:20–
January 18 (Sat.) A B C1 A
January 19 (Sun.) B C2 A B
January 20 (Mon.) closed
January 21 (Tue.) C7 A B C6
January 22 (Wed.) A B C5 A
January 23 (Thu.) B C4 A B
January 24 (Fri.) C3 A B C2
January 25 (Sat.) A B C3 A
January 26 (Sun.) B C4 A B
January 27 (Mon.) closed
January 28 (Tue.) C1 A B C7
January 29 (Wed.) A B C6 A
January 30 (Thu.) B C5 A B
January 31 (Fri.) C4 A B C3
February 1 (Sat.) A B C5 A
February 2 (Sun.) B C6 A B
February 3 (Mon.) closed
February 4 (Tue.) C2 A B C1
February 5 (Wed.) A B C7 A
February 6 (Thu.) B C6 A B
February 7 (Fri.) C5 A B C4
February 8 (Sat.) A B C7 A
February 9 (Sun.) closed
February 10 (Mon.) closed
February 11 (Tue.) B C1 A B
February 12 (Wed.) C3 A B C2
February 13 (Thu.) A B C1 A
February 14 (Fri.) B C7 A B
February 15 (Sat.) C2 A B C3
February 16 (Sun.) A B C4 A
February 17 (Mon.) closed
February 18 (Tue.) B C6 A B
February 19 (Wed.) C5 A B C4
February 20 (Thu.) A B C3 A
February 21 (Fri.) B C2 A B
February 22 (Sat.) C5 A B C6
February 23 (Sun.) A B C7 A
February 24 (Mon.) B C1 A B
February 25 (Tue.) closed
February 26 (Wed.) C1 A B C7
February 27 (Thu.) A B C6 A
February 28 (Fri.) B C5 A B
February 29 (Sat.) C2 A B C3
March 1 (Sun.) A B C4 A

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