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emergencies! 006
SUZUKI Elico “Moon over Jungfrau”

September 15–November 7, 2007

emergencies! 006
SUZUKI Elico “Moon over Jungfrau”


A city gently aglow at a sigh, a twinkling star-lit sky of a mobile, responding to sound, a puppet theater operated from a toy piano.

SUZUKI Elico, known to the music world as Suzueli, is an artist who creates interactive works using sound, light, video images, and music, inspired by automata and the world of children’s stories. Lights that glow upon a sigh, in a town composed of small objects such as miniature houses and bridges. A mobile that twinkles in response to the sound of handbells. A toy piano revealing new delights: when you, following the video guidance, press the keyboard, a chord automatically sounds; the phrase you play is automatically repeated to create music; or the keyboard becomes a game controller.

These three works utilize music, drawing, and other media to create worlds reminiscent of children’s tales or entrancing miniature gardens. They bring back sights that can be experienced only when you take your eyes off the road, sensations often forgotten.

Produced with cooperation by IAMAS and the Kinoshita Lab.



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