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“You would come back there to see me again the following day.” [2016]

TSUDA Michiko

“You would come back there to see me again the following day.”


A total of twelve frames are suspended from the ceiling. All frames are identical in terms of size and material, but while some of them are empty, others have mirrors inside, and yet others are fitted with screens. Visitors walking around in the exhibition space see at once reflections of themselves in the mirrors, video footage projected onto the screens, and parts of the room through the empty frames. All of these impressions come together in their minds to create an unexpected mix of pictures of themselves and others, forming a maze of optical illusions of sorts for them to wander in.

Mirrors and frames frequently appeared already in TSUDA’s earlier works, whereas the mirror is a motif with a long tradition also in the history of painting. Just like sceneries seen through empty frames appear as if cut out from the “here and now,” filming with a photo or video camera can be considered as an act of cutting out specific parts of reality.

This installation marks TSUDA’s third attempt at this kind of format. In this series, visitors move around freely in the exhibition space, and thereby explore the process of how exactly the things they see are being projected, whereas this particular work contains an additional temporal element in the form of prerecorded video footage.



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