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“The View from Nowhere” [2022]


“The View from Nowhere”


Alternative Machine is a group of researchers dedicated to the practical application of “ALife” (artificial life) related theories and technologies within society. The only tech enterprise in the world that specializes in ALife through partnerships with expert researchers in Japan and abroad, the group aims to explore new technologies with a focus on “life” principles such as autonomy and adaptability, emotionality and familiarity, and a sense of presence, and install such characteristics in all kinds of things, rather than pursuing technologies designed for optimization and efficiency. In addition to theoretical and technological research and development related to ALife, the group also engages in the development of products, and the creation of artworks that implement such ALife theories and technologies. Introduced in this exhibition will be a new work that combines elements of sound and virtual reality, to be experienced in an anechoic room.

Concept: MASUMORI Atsushi, IKEGAMI Takashi
VR Development: MASUMORI Atsushi
MR System Development: MARUYAMA Norihiro
Sensor Development: johnsmith
Generative Sound System Development: DOI Itsuki

3D Audio System: KUBO Jiro
Equipment Cooperation: SEE by YOUR EARS
Supported by ALIFE Lab.



Related Information

It takes about 25 minutes for each session and visitors who can experience this installation, one at a time in the anechoic room. Thus the number of visitors is limited.

Please note that, depending on the number of reservations already made when you arrive at the ICC, you may not be able to experience it on that day. Reservation tickets are issued at the site, and visitors will be called in turn according to the numbers on their tickets.

For safety reasons we ask that persons to whom the following apply refrain from experiencing the installation, since the physiological impact may be acute.

- Persons getting drunk
- Persons feeling ill or just unwell
- Wheelchair users
- Children below 13 years old
- Persons suffering from claustrophobia or acrophobia
- Persons with difficulty expressing their intentions when they need an emergency stop

List of Works