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“ENERGY #01” [2017]

GOTO Akinori


Light appears out of the darkness, takes on the shape of an outlined human figure that begins to dance while floating in midair, before eventually disappearing into the darkness again.

In “ENERGY #01,” GOTO used a 3-D printer to translate data of movements within certain time frames into three-dimensional mesh objects, based on which he created a video work that visualizes the information of motion stored in the objects. Suspended in midair and illuminated by way of slit-shaped video projections, these objects turn into sculptures that reflect seemingly moving images, representing the motion within their respective given time frames.

This work was inspired by the technique of motion sequence photography that Eadweard MUYBRIDGE devised in 1878. Capturing such things as the legs of a running horse in consecutive photographs, MUYBRIDGE’s technique made it possible to accurately reproduce quick motion—something that was still difficult to achieve at the time. Taking place concurrently with this was the development of devices based on film and animation techniques to depict movement with still pictures.



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