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“DriftNet” [2005]

HIRAKAWA Norimichi



Big waves surge in a screen-filling computer-generated ocean. When you move, as if crawling through the waves of information generated from the data, you see a link emerging between the waves. The next website is determined by the conditions of the waves, and new waves of data rush towards you again.

These abstract waves are generated by downloading content data, which is supposed to be viewed on browsers in the intangible and virtual space of the Internet, as a sequence of numerical data. This work accesses the Internet without the interfaces we usually need to see websites, such as a mouse, keyboard, and browser. The term “net surf,” which refers to the act of visiting and viewing websites, is a physical metaphor that reminds us of actual space. In this work, we literally move our body to access to the information space of the Internet and, as the title suggests, drift through the Internet.



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