You and I, Horizontal
"You and I, Horizontal" 2006
Anthony McCALL
Entering the space, the viewer faces a seemingly immaterial and yet three-dimensional body of light, realized by projecting light onto a delicate mist. On the wall a line extends so slowly that it is almost imperceptible to the eye. The immaterial 3D sculpture gradually changes form and scope. By passing through, inside and outside of the almost-tactile light "membrane", you become receptive to a new perceptual experience, influencing the work's sculptural aspects and scope. This work is the realization of an early 70s experimental installation using the technology of today.
Interview with the artist is available in "Voices on LiS."
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ProfileAnthony McCALL (b. St. Paul's Cray, England, 1946, resident in NY). Since late 1960s McCALL has developed experiments to spatially expand the possibilities of the media of film, and garnered international attention by pursuing the sculptural possibilities of three-dimensional light. Technologically ahead of his time, he had to wait up to 30 years to realize some of his conceptions. Since 2002 his work in recent technology (mist machines capable of producing fine particles) have helped him to achieve sculptural installations in spatial projection conceived decades earlier, and present them all over the world. Current works including "Breath", "Between You and I", and "You and I, Horizontal" which we are presenting for this exhibition. This exhibition is the artist's first presentation in Japan.