WiFi Camera ObscuraWiFi Camera Obscuratop: "WiFi Camera Obscura" 2007, portable version, scanning in London
bottom: "WiFi Camera Obscura" 2007, output image
"WiFi Camera Obscura" 2006-
Unlike optical cameras with lenses, this camera catches and visualizes the pattern of peripheral WiFi (the electromagnetic frequencies of wireless LAN) in real-time. When the viewer accesses the peripheral wireless LAN network, the electromagnetic rays are visualized as an array of colorful patterns. Light is only one part of the electromagnetic spectrum, but by visualizing high-frequency electromagnetic rays (invisible rays), this piece attempts to expose the invisible "information landscape" of today's urban and public environments. "WiFi Camera Obscura"* can be handmade using familiar materials.*Camera obscura, latin for "dark chamber", is traditionally an optical device consisting of a square box with a hole in one side that allows light to project onto its rear interior surface where it presents as an upside down image of the area in front of the box. A predecessor to the camera, it was first accurately described in the 10th century, and developed through the Renaissance, contributing to the formulation of laws of perspective.
Interview with the artist is available in "Voices on LiS."
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ProfileAdam SOMLAI-FISCHER (b. Budapest, Hungary, 1976, resident in Budapest), Bengt SJÖLÉN (b. Kristianstad, Sweden, 1972, resident in Stockholm), Usman HAQUE (b. Washington DC, USA, 1971, resident in London). The team consists of architect / interaction designer (SOMLAI-FISCHER, HAQUE) who deal with reactive environment, and programmer (SJÖLÉN). Together they've developed many experimental projects, especially popularizing D.I.Y. interactive systems created by converting products from daily life. Their previous activities include the "Low Tech Sensors & Actuators" project, and "Reconfigurable House: Hacking Low Tech Architecture" (ICC, 2007).
SOMLAI-FISCHER(http://www.aether.hu/) / SJÖLÉN (http://www.automata.se/) / HAQUE (http://www.haque.co.uk/)*Adam SOMULAI-FISCHER participates to the "NEW TRENDS of ARCHITECTURE in EUROPE and ASIA-PACIFIC" exhibition in Hillside Forum from Dec. 5 (Fri.) to 21 (Sun.)Past Exhibition / Event (Adam SOMLAI-FISCHER)Past Exhibition / Event (Usman HAQUE)