Eye DrawingEye Drawingworking processtop left: "Light 1a [Eye Drawing]" 1992
top right: "After image 1a [Eye Drawing]" 1992
left: working process
"Light [Eye Drawing]" 1992
"After-image[Eye Drawing]" 1992
The "Eye Drawing" series employs sight itself, using the movement of the artist's vision. In this exhibition we exhibit works with drawings of light as immaterial phenomena, as well as of residual images experienced after light drawing. Sight, which usually travels unconsciously to apprehend the world and identify objects within it, is treated here as something conscious and constructive. The drawings, created directly by the eyes without use of the artist's hands, are visualizations of the act of looking, connecting the acts of looking and the expression in one process.
Interview with the artist is available in "Voices on LiS."
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ProfileJochem HENDRICKS (b. Schlhtern, Germany, 1959, resident in Frankfurt). HENDRICKS develops distinctive conceptual works and projects, taking logical, physical approaches, such as converting informative and materialistic data (lines of sight, tears, dead bodies of birds and dogs, etc.) which originate in the physicality of people or animals, and repurposes them into something else, or, in presenting impossible measurements or accumulations (counting grains of sand, bottles full of tears, etc.). His work can seem abstract and minimal, but in fact, these works are realized only by involving many people through the completion of complicated and meticulous trial processes. This exhibition is the artist's first presentation in Japan.