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"Thought Projector" 2007
alien productions
This installation was inspired by an unrealized concept for "a camera to photograph the thoughts of its subject (through their retina)" mentioned by inventor Nikola TESLA* in 1933. First, the participant sees high-resolution magnified images of the surface and rear of their eye projected on the front wall created through a three-step process. Second, the image is projected on the left wall as overlaid on imagery from an archive prepared by the artists and streamed on the Internet. Thirdly, the result is projected on the right wall, along with comments from Internet viewers. The work was first shown at Kstlerhaus Graz. Thoughts are read with a fundus camera manufactured by Zeiss.Last Thoughtgraph
Archive of Eye Photos
*Nikola TESLA: 1856-1943. Inventor and electrical engineer, was born in Smiljan, Austrian Empire, and died in NY. He is known for his numerous discoveries, including alternating current electric power systems, induction motors, radio transmitters, fluorescent lighting, and the eponymous Tesla coil, with its air transmission experiments, and his ideas for wireless energy transfer via a "world system". TESLA is beloved by many media artists.
Interview with the artist is available in "Voices on LiS."
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Profilealien productions consist of Martin BREINDL (b. Vienna, Austria, 1963, resident in Vienna), Norbert MATH (b. 1962, Bolzano, Italy, resident in Vienna), Andrea SODOMKA (b. Vienna, Austria, 1961, resident in Vienna), and August BLACK (b. 1975 Baltimore, MA, USA, resident in Santa Barbara, CA and San Miguel, Mexico). Since their foundation in 1985, alien productions have developed their theoretical and practical quests for new media and technology in expressions including media art performance, interactive installations, Internet, radio and sound art pieces, and photography. Each member is also active in solo productions and collaborations with other artists, scientists, and engineers. This exhibition is their first presentation in Japan.
http://alien.mur.at/*alien productions holds "ALIEN CITY" exhibition at the gallery of the Austrian Embassy, from Dec. 9 (Tue.) to 19 (Fri.).