"PRINTED EYE (LIGHT)" 1987-2008
In this artwork, the viewer's eyes are exposed to a weak strobe light, causing them to experience a residual image of text: the word "light" is perceived by each viewer as a metaphysical experience created by "light". This work creates a personal experience made by imprinting letters directly into the eye. FUJIMOTO states, "You close your eyes, yet you still see those letters. Eventually, they will disappear. It's like listening to a sound."
Interview with the artist is available in "Voices on LiS." *Japanese only
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ProfileFUJIMOTO Yukio (b. Nagoya, Japan, 1950, resident in Osaka). Since 1970s FUJIMOTO has been creating performances and installations using electronics. Through his minimal pieces of sound in forms and his performances using such pieces, his practice challenges the viewer to open and accept their senses in space. Especially in proposing fragile and fluid subjects, viewers are made to face the underlying possibilities of their own senses. His works have been presented internationally including "Excursions in the Museum" (Otani Memorial Art Museum, Nishinomiya City, 1997-2006), a one-day exhibition series running annually for the past decade, and in the Venice Biennale (Japanese Pavilion, 2001).