"Seven Memories of Media Technology"
IWAI Toshio
IWAI Toshio conceived and produced this work for ICC's collection as a "basic introduction to media art and communication through media for the man on the street". Seven types of media technology - flip book, Phenakisti-scope (a.k.a. Amazing Disc), photography, TV, video, computer and music box - are represented in showcase displays that merge with computer images when viewed through half-mirrors serving as interfaces. Presented in a contrast of materiality and immateriality, the media are introduced in both their original forms and in reconstructions using computer technology.
IWAI has always been interested in the Zoetrope (animation archetype) and other pre-cinema imaging devices, and upon studying their mechanisms has created homage-like works of art. In this sense the seven items on display here can be considered a concise introduction of IWAI's artistic activities to date.
IWAI Toshio started animation production after entering university in the early 1980s, and has since presented works that were inspired by the pre-cinematic visual devices, including the phenakistiscope and zoetrope, and interactive works that connect sounds and images. His broad spectrum of activity covers creating animation characters for TV programs, CG system design, computer game software production, a visual media device installed at Ghibli Museum, Mitaka, and a recent media artwork titled "Electroplankton" for Nintendo DS platform.

"Seven Memories of Media Technology" was on exhibition from January 21 to March 11, 2007.