Research cases are obtained and presented from the NTT research laboratories, government sponsored development projects, and from academic institutions. Future predictions created by engineers and educational institutions are presented. The Research Development Corner also acts as a collaborative research environment for new technology. While seeking technological development, future predictions of human communication and sensibilities are presented from the perspective of "research development" or "technology" with a focus on the cultural impacts of technology and its context.
Exhibiting Works / 3artists, 3works
"Air Jet Interface"
NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories
"Air Jet Interface" is a type of video media that you can touch, or more precisely makes you "feel" that you are touching a virtual object.
"Monalisa: shadow of your sound"
NAGANO Norihisa + JO Kazuhiro
"Monalisa" is software that enables you to "see the sound and hear the image". What do the sounds we usually hear look like? How do the images we see actually sound?
IAMAS (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Science+International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences) Programmable Device Project (PDP)
"GAINER" is a tool kit that facilitates the creation of works that act in response to physical phenomenon. For example, you can quickly and easily make a prototype of a table that reacts to human movement or a new electronic musical instrument.