What will happen if the flat display of a video shooting game, which is supposed to have "this side" and "the other side" for the match, is in a cylindrical shape? This artwork appears to be an unusual battle game where two players move around the cylindrical display when they play.
With this circular loop display, you must be cautious not to shoot more than necessary, otherwise you will expose yourself to danger. If the bullet you emit does not hit the opponent, it will go round the circle and attack you from behind. In addition, you must move around the circular display to follow yourself and the opponent while manipulating the controller. The two players can enjoy this game and move their bodies as if they were playing a sport. With a change in thinking that connects "this side" and "the other side," the nature of the battle game is drastically changed from the conventional one.
KUWAKUBO Ryota has created works mainly using electronics since 1998. His works appear to be gadgets but focus on the phenomena that occur on the borderline between digital and analog, human and machine, and information sender and information recipient. As well as making his own artworks, he engages in joint development with manufacturing companies.
For media artists, creating interfaces, such as controllers, for their work is part of their art-making. Artworks that employ devices that artists make themselves, instead of using existing machines, are called "Device Art." Device Art demonstrates how artworks can serve as a platform where viewers become users and find creative way of enjoying the art.