"Film before Film"
"Pioneers of Interactive Czech Films (50s-60s)"
"Variable Montage"
"Web-Cinema Program:An Historical Anthology of Web Cinema Shorts 1997-2002"
"17 Internet Projects"
"Horror Chase"
"Tracing the Decay of Fiction: Encounters with a Film by Pat O'NEILL"
"z2 [zuse strip]"
"Instant Places"
"One-Person Touchscreen Cinema Showing 14 Interactive Movies"
"Le Petit Manuel Interactif"
"So. So. So. Somebody, Somewhere, Some Time"
"Church on Fifth Avenue"
"Illuminated Average #1 Hitchcock's Psycho"
"Motion and Rest #1"
"Motion and Rest #5"
"Language Willing"
"Miss World"
"Mission to Earth - Soft Cinema edition"
"The Panoptic Society or Immortally in Love with Death"
"Anarchive 2: Digital Snow"
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December 12 (Friday), 2003 - February 29 (Sunday), 2004 Gallery A, B


"So. So. So. Somebody, Somewhere, Some Time"

? Z-A,Maurice BENAYOUN

The interactive installation by Maurice BENAYOUN envisions a universe made of networked scenes that can be explored through a binocular in a full 360°Omni-directional rotation. Each scene is connected with others through some recurring details within the images, which act like doorways to other images. The spectator thus navigates inside the potential story simply by looking for a while at some key details that operate as invisible portals. On line (www.moben.net/sososo/) and in the exhibition, just by watching, the viewers are actually painting the "collective retinal memory" of the story as a dynamic narrative palimpsest.