"Film before Film"
"Pioneers of Interactive Czech Films (50s-60s)"
"Variable Montage"
"Web-Cinema Program:An Historical Anthology of Web Cinema Shorts 1997-2002"
"17 Internet Projects"
"Horror Chase"
"Tracing the Decay of Fiction: Encounters with a Film by Pat O'NEILL"
"z2 [zuse strip]"
"Instant Places"
"One-Person Touchscreen Cinema Showing 14 Interactive Movies"
"Le Petit Manuel Interactif"
"So. So. So. Somebody, Somewhere, Some Time"
"Church on Fifth Avenue"
"Illuminated Average #1 Hitchcock's Psycho"
"Motion and Rest #1"
"Motion and Rest #5"
"Language Willing"
"Miss World"
"Mission to Earth - Soft Cinema edition"
"The Panoptic Society or Immortally in Love with Death"
"Anarchive 2: Digital Snow"
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December 12 (Friday), 2003 - February 29 (Sunday), 2004 Gallery A, B


"Motion and Rest #5"

"Tracing the Decay of Fiction: Encounters with a Film by Pat O'NEILL" (2002). Interactive DVD installation.
The DVD-ROM is a companion to O'Neill's film, which is set in the present day, in a once grand Hollywood Hotel that is now in transition between respectability and ruin. Users wander through the mysterious spaces of the abandoned hotel and interact with the ghostly traces of the people, events, and personal histories that are imbedded in those rooms. The world presents a complex array of multi-layered images and sounds allowing users to explore their oblique connections with the burdens of memory, both personal and cultural, and with the popular representation of Los Angeles history.