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emergencies! 037
OYAIZU Saori ‘Hyper Framing Comic’

May 18–August 3, 2019

emergencies! 037
OYAIZU Saori ‘Hyper Framing Comic’


The individual frames of a manga (comic) are normally arranged in order within the larger framework of a page. This is at once the order in which the reader looks at the single frames to read the story the manga tells, which is sometimes done in uniquely deviating styles involving characters that act not only within but also between frames. In recent years, various techniques aiming to expand the conventional layout concept have emerged, based on the idea that the product will be read on a web browser or digital device.

Based on OYAIZU Saori’s original manga, “Hyper Framing Comic” is a series of video works that introduce new creative methods inspired by such kind of background. OYAIZU coined the term “hyper framing” to refer to a new, freestyle kind of layout that isn’t tied to the framework of a page, telling stories in freeze-frame pictures with camera work that includes zooming and panning techniques. The intention behind this is to get the viewer absorbed in the story as it unfurls, imagining how the single frames make up the respective work as a whole. The three works—including a new one—in this series that are on display here were created by three different techniques in pursuit of new creative possibilities in the realm of manga.

Combining a frame layout that progresses from the center to the outside, and camera work that gradually reveals the entire picture by slowly zooming out from the center, “A Lonely Alien” is a work that expresses the accumulation of time and the fleetingness of memory. “Merry–go–round” employs a revolving frame layout, depicting endlessly recurring events in a looped, circular chain of pictures. In “Rumor of the Planet,” her newest work, OYAIZU repeats the same lines in different scenes—a frame progression that shows how a certain rumor is altered little by little as it is spread from one character to the next.



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