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Goh UOZUMI “New Order / Siren Call?,” “State of Empty”

May 28–September 25, 2016

Goh UOZUMI “New Order / Siren Call?,” “State of Empty”


This work/exhibition on the concept “trustless” revolves around the mechanism of cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin, where currencies are being issued and traded on peer-to-peer networks without a central bank or other central organization, on the foundation of interventions from participants in a distributed network, who by way of consensus-building technology solve the problem of a potential transmission of fake data through replication or camouflage. Focusing on the fact that the realization of stateless cryptocurrencies, along with the underlying mechanisms, suggests possible new forms of administration, the work discusses what this could mean in the context of contemporary society.

The exhibition schedule is divided into two periods. On display in part one is a work that illustrates the existence and structure of cryptocurrencies, while in the second part, the mechanism of cryptocurrencies is combined with the machine learning aspect of artificial intelligence, with the aim to grasp contemporary issues by interpreting the simulated operation of a virtual state.

Date: May 28–September 25, 2016


Date: August 30–September 25, 2016



Artist. Reconsiders creativity in the network age, and attempts to create extensions of reality by way of algorithm-based artworks. Since 2009, he has been focusing on the animate nature of calculation systems, which inspired him to explore possible new forms of nature as generated through decentralized networks and autonomous systems. The resulting works, “OBSERVER N” (2009–) and “F - void sample” (2009–) were exhibited at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] (Yamaguchi) in 2012, and at the Exhibition of Award-winning Works of The 13rd Japan Media Arts Festival (The National Art Center, Tokyo, 2010) respectively. In 2015, he received a Digital Choc Award for “Trustless / Mk.God,” and worked as artist-in-residence in Marseille, France.

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