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Collaboration Project ‘‘‘Media Conscious’ in Asia”
Lifepatch ‘Rumah dan Halaman (Rumah and Halaman)’

November 1–December 28, 2016

Collaboration Project ‘‘‘Media Conscious’ in Asia”
Lifepatch ‘Rumah dan Halaman (Rumah and Halaman)’


The Japan Foundation Asia Center and ICC co-host an exhibition themed around the role and use of media technology in contemporary art in Japan and countries across Asia. The focus in this show titled “Rumah (house) and Halaman (yard)” is on Lifepatch, a collective of artists based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Lifepatch was formed in Yogyakarta in 2012, with members from such diverse fields as science, programming, design, art, production management and curation. Their joint activities include a variety of autonomously organized projects—ranging from practical, digital technology-based artistic endeavors designed to address social issues, to programs fostering next-generation creative individuals—that were rewarded with a Honorary Mention in the “Digital Communities” category at Ars Electronica 2014. While responding to the trend of democratization of technology through the popularization of the Internet and open-source hardware, the collective’s unique activities are at once rooted in the local Indonesian community culture, and inspired by a DIWO (“Do It With Others”) philosophy.

The exhibition is divided into two parts/periods titled “Rumah” and “Halaman” respectively, which will feature exhibits, workshops and symposia with Lifepatch members visiting ICC during the respective periods.

First Period: Rumah: collective practice in using private space
Date: November 1–December 28, 2016
Lifepatch members: Timbil BUDIARTO, Wisnu WAWIES, Agung GEGER

Second Period: Halaman: collective activities and strategies
Date: January 5–March 12, 2017
Lifepatch members: Andreas SIAGIAN, Adhari DONORA, Dholy HUSADA

Co-organizer: The Japan Foundation Asia Center


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