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emergencies! 020
IKEUCHI Hiroto “Desk Turned into Diorama”

May 25–September 29, 2013

emergencies! 020
IKEUCHI Hiroto “Desk Turned into Diorama”


Placed in the center of a “lair” like diorama is a display that is obviously quite different in scale. What looks like “a building in the diorama” turns out to be the body of a computer, and next to the diorama that occupies the entire desktop, the viewer surely notices also the rack with a printer and radio at the side.

In this work, an ordinary desktop functions as a stage for a diorama composed of computers and peripheral equipment, remodeled into building structures to reproduce the perspective of a diorama, alas without harming the devices’ electronic circuits, wires and mechanisms, so that each of them still fulfills its original function.

The devices integrated into this work function as interfaces as per normal. The keyboard, for example, can be regarded as a piece of art in its own right, but it serves at once as an interface for controlling the web camera used for filming the diorama. This is why it seems to be working as an interactive device that blurs the sense of distance between the work and the viewer.




Born 1990, graduated from the Department of Interaction Design, Tama Art University in 2013.
While studying Flash contents and design at university, spent most of his spare time building plastic models. Inspired by the idea to turn the interior of a well-familiar (to the artist) computer into a "lair" kind of space, his graduation work was a hybrid combination of a diorama and plastic models.

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