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‘IAMAS Surface Interface Design Project’ Media Creations Research department, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences

October 22, 2011–March 8, 2012


This project extends the concept of the graphical user interface (GUI), approaches the design subject from its materiality, artistry and thin-film properties, and treats state-of-the-art usability as an aesthetic issue of surface interface design.
As well as assimilating the technical elements that underpin the above, the project aims to create new value by matching artistic quality with the functionality of craft products and tools. This is achieved by, for example, circuit-printing (with conductive ink for printing electronic circuits) text and graphics to add the function of a computer system to an advertising medium such as a poster, or by designing and making visible the previously black-box functions of electronic parts. [SEKIGUCHI Atsuhito, IAMAS]

Project members: SEKIGUCHI Atsuhito, James GIBSON, SEGAWA Akira, ENDO Takanori, KOBAYASHI Keiko, KONDO Takashi, SAKAMOTO Ryusei, HONDA Takashi, KISHIMOTO Miki, YANAGAWA Tomoyuki, TSUZUKI Toru, TODO Takayuki, TAKAGI Chieko
Cooperation: Sun Messe Co., Ltd.


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