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Symposium “Light InSight” [Session 2] “Art and Science: Regarding Light and Perception”

December 6, 2008

Symposium “Light InSight” [Session 2] “Art and Science: Regarding Light and Perception”


Whether natural or artificial, visible or invisible, light has always been an important research subject in science -- it's fundamental existence enabling the act of observation. Continuously evolving technology and knowledge about optics has inspired artists, who with their unique vision, spark, and practices, have visualized creativity underlying science, society, and sensory perception. In this session artists and a scientist discuss new possibilities to connect light and the perception.

Panelists: IKEGAMI Takashi (Complex Systems Studies/ Professor of the Graduate School of Arts and Science, University of Tokyo), Evelina DOMNITCH & Dmitry GELFAND, Nina FISCHER & Maroan EL SANI, Jochem HENDRICKS
Moderator: SHIKATA Yukiko (ICC Senior Curator)

Date: December 6 (Sat.), 2008 3:30pm - 5:30pm
Venue: ICC 4F special space
Capacity: 150 persons for each session (first-come basis)
Admission: free (Ticket is required to see the exhibition)
*with simultaneous interpretation.


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