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IWABUCHI Eriko, TSUJITA Hitomi, MORI Maki [Girls, Media, Home]

October 3–December 14, 2008


‘Girls, Media, Home’ is an exhibit by students from Ochanomizu University, showing a collection of imaginary devices for young women, like a mirror which helps to apply makeup, or a lamp that alerts you when it senses your boyfriend. Sometimes as users, at other times as researchers, the women can experience concretely-imagined computers from an eccentric and strange future. Starting out from extremely everyday concepts, like fashion and romance, this research may make a future ubiquitous computing environment easy to understand.

Computers are everywhere, and we deal with information of various types on a daily basis. However, when you consider it from a human-centered point of view, even in the moment where they’re in front of a makeup mirror applying eyeliner, they’re processing information. In other words, the information that we handle with computers routinely is merely one part of the information that surrounds human beings. Perhaps the project that this exhibit introduces is only a meager tool born of a small aspiration. However, by considering an interface that comes close to physical gesture using various scenes of everyday life, it makes it not only possible to process physical and virtual information by a computer, but also possible to greatly change the way human beings process information as well.

In association with: KAMBARA Keisuke, KURIHARA Kazutaka, SHIIO Ichiro, TSUKADA Koji, Ochanomizu University, ViewPLUS Inc.




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