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emergencies! 005
KAKUTA Tetsuya “First Person Space”

July 17–September 9, 2007

emergencies! 005
KAKUTA Tetsuya “First Person Space”


Once you put on the headset, you can enter the imaginary space and explore it by simply turning your head 360 degrees. The space expands into different areas and you can move forward into another virtual space with different theme by directing your line of vision. “First Person Space” is virtual space model that converge and diverge by the way the participant observes the space.

With the slightest changes in light within the image, human eye can detect the space that physically doesn’t exist. Many attempts have been made to utilize this human instinct in engineering and construction. “First Person Space” explores the limitation of virtual space design. In a gravity free virtual space, the speed of the movement and the sensation accompanied by it are the significant elements in designing the space and they are incorporated with techniques VJ uses in a club culture. KAKUTA also constructed a story within the piece about the fantasy world of inorganic nature controlled by the inhuman world order. Nano-machine, an inorganic life form of self similarity structure created by recursive function, grows up to change the world. For this exhibition, music with the theme of self similarity structure was newly composed to enhance the piece.



KAKUTA Tetsuya

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