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“Wissengewaechs (Growth of Knowledge)” [2007]


“Wissengewaechs (Growth of Knowledge)”


As you approach one of the installation’s monitors, a virtual plant appears on the screen, and starts to grow. The kind of plant and the way it grows is determined by the distance between you and the monitor, as well as how you move. If, for example, you stay still, one type of plant emerges, or if you move slowly, the plant might follow you, extending into the next, bordering monitor. The more users, the faster the plants grow.

This piece was installed for a year in the exterior glass of the temporary facade of a building in a plaza in the center of Braunschweig, Germany. The building had two functions; it was a café, and a book exchange library. This piece was commissioned by the city, to catch passersby’s attention and lead them into the building. With this piece the artists assimilated the way users exchanged knowledge through various direct and indirect communication forms, whether in conversations or book exchanges, both of which took place within the building, and expressed it in the ways that the virtual plants foliated: The perceived depends on the perceiver. Time can also cause us to see the same things in completely different ways. The kind of plants which grow depends on how we interact with the piece.



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