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“The Pearl of Tailorbird” [2018]



For this exhibition, HAYAMA Rei reconfigures her video and sound installation “The Pearl of Tailorbird,” which she made and presented in Hong Kong in 2018, based on the ecology and architecture of both venues. “The Pearl of Tailorbird” comprises a video and audio recording of HAYAMA imitating various native birds she encountered in Hong Kong. For this exhibition at JCC, the sound of HAYAMA’s mimicking these bird calls is played outside the JCC building, intending to initiate a dramatic conversation between nonhuman and human by means of technology. The video shows the lyrical poetry that results from the cinematic drifting she performed in Hong Kong. The exhibition at ICC features newly added sounds recorded by the artist at dawn in the JCC garden and allows visitors to move freely between inside and outside the gallery space. Exploring the potential for the rhythmic juxtaposition of sound and image, “The Pearl of Tailorbird” offers an aesthetic experience in imagining a new method of translating the language of human and nonhuman.



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