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ICC Collection

“The Maiden” [1998]


“The Maiden”


The Maiden is an electro-pneumatic construction adapted from a medical diagnostic and surgical table. For its mechanical control the hand operating levels and adjustment features have been replaced by the pneumatic actuators, giving the Maiden motion control features by MIDI activated pneumatics.

Normally MIDI code is generated and used by electronic musical instruments and is widely used by musicians. In this exhibition, many functions of motion or change are mediated by the MIDI code for its ability to represent music-like quality in composition, control, and programming.

In its theatrical setting, the Maiden also includes two fans, two video projectors, and a microphone. Naturally, by using musical instruments as input, the table and fans are activated by a score that a visitor can perform through a musical instrument or by singing into the microphone.

Once learned, the score is repeatable and unambiguous. The tones or a group of tones control the animated gestures of the Maiden.



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On the Artist

Woody VASULKA was born in Czechoslovakia in 1937. After studying engineering, he worked as director of short films. In 1965 he went to the United States and started collaboration with his wife Steina (born in 1940). He established a media theater called The Kitchen in 1971. In 1974, he taught at New York State University and did research on computer graphics. Since then he has published a number of taped works, computer graphics and video installation works on the international scene. His works, created with an engineer's hands, show a high degree of perfection. Designed in an interactive style,many works send a strong message of their own. Although he is not widely publicized in Japan, Woody VASULKA is one of the leading international figures in the media art world today.

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