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“The Lapse Project (Panorama Lapse)” [2018]



Made in collaboration with Nor AZMAN, “Panorama Lapse” digitally erases the National Museum of Singapore, National Gallery Singapore, and Singapore Art Museum from their respective locations in the city, as though they had never existed within the Singaporean landscape. “Panorama Lapse” is presented as a video projection triptych that shows the surrounding street views from various vantage points in the vicinity of these three major cultural institutions. In their absence, what is left behind is a haunting expanse of space that perhaps incubates other imaginative possibilities. How would the viewership of art or the systems and structure of the Singapore national art ecology exist in a parallel reality where these buildings are absent?

“The Lapse Project” is a work by INTER–MISSION with Urich LAU, TEOW Yue Han, and former members Marcel GASPAR and LIM Shengen. The work is Commissioned by the 2018 Singapore International Festival of Arts, and in collaboration with digital compositor Nor Azman.



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