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“Tactile TV” [2018–]

“Tactile TV”


By including additional haptic data in media storage areas utilized in the distribution of contents, Tactile TV creates a futuristic kind of experience that is not limited to visual and acoustic appreciation alone. Sit back in the living room and enjoy the relaxation, fun and thrill of this haptic experience of totally new TV contents. The addition of haptic data to the usual video and audio elements allows viewers to actually feel movements and mood changes with their bodies, rather than just watching on smartphones or TVs, and listening via earphones. The physical sensation of the heartbeat of the protagonist in a TV play involuntarily increases the viewer’s emotional involvement, and when the floor shakes during a sports match, one feels as if being right there in the stadium.

Production: NTT Communication Science Laboratories
Production cooperation: Whatever Inc.
Cooperation in haptic technologry: The Embodied Media Project in Keio University Graduate School of Media Design
Cooperation in video production: HAMADA Yuhei


CH1: Nagaoka Fireworks (Cooperation: Nagaoka City / Filming: NAKED inc.)

CH2: Food Textures (Filming: NAKED inc.)

CH3: Watching a Tennis Match

CH4 (until July 30, 2019): Creatures in Woods

CH4 (from July 31, 2019): TOKYO 2020 NIPPON FESTIVAL Concept video (Full ver.)
Director: TOKOLO Asao
Algorithmic Design: MATSUKAWA Shohei
Japanese Drum Performing: HAYASHI Eitetsu, EITETSU FU-UN no KAI
Producer: YAMAGUCHI Keiko

CH5: Documentary About Conception and Birth (Cooperation: Kyushu University Hospital)

CH6: Haptic Exercise (Production: Haptic Design Project)


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