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“syncrowd” [2022]




This kinetic sound installation is based on a natural phenomenon known as “synchronization.” Multiple pendulums interfere with each other through a suspended frame they are mounted onto, resulting in seemingly controlled, self-synchronized movements. The interference of a “crowd” of pendulums causes the work’s environment to continuously transform in complex ways, from undulating patterns created by synchronizing the simple motions of each pendulum, to disorder caused by disturbing them. The movements of the pendulums are accompanied by sounds, the organic interplay of which composes a variety of patterns reminiscent to the structural aesthetic of minimal music.

Planner / Conceptor: FUKUCHI Makoto
Hardware Engineer: NAKANE Satoshi
Software Engineer: MATSUYAMA Shuhei
Robot Engineer: SETO Yusuke
Sound Producer: ONODERA Yui
Architect / Experience Designer: ITAGAKI Kazuhiro
Scientist: HISHIDA Mafumi
Producer: HAYASHI Shigeyoshi



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