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“” [2009] Kouhei,OHYAMA Sohya)


This installation enables the automatic creation of “media art-like” works by visitors making selections. In the venue there is a production terminal modeled after the BTO* site. Merely by making selections in accordance with screen prompts, visitors can generate and view on-the-spot interactive works that respond to images and sound, Internet resources, and input from sensors.

Launched as a new product, this installation embodies the concept of “many currently distributed works are merely the result of limited system-generated selection.” In particular, the number of interactive works has grown exponentially over the past few years with the generalization of hardware and software and the blooming of the DIY scene. Amongst those works that at first glance tend to be considered “media art” are not a few works that simply use existing technologies and ideas. In response to situations such as this, aims to broadly question the meaning and form of “media art” by venturing to provide visitors with systems capable of simply and easily producing media art-like works through selection. Visitors can display the works they produce on the project website as source codes by registering the work’s title and the artist’s name. Through “,” visitors may become “artists,” and by extension, “critics” with their eyes turned to their own works and the framework that enabled the works’ creation.

* Build to Order site. Capable of assembling stocked parts in accordance with guests' orders to complete a product.

Special thanks: HOSHI Takuya, FUKUI Hiroaki



List of Works