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“streetscape” [2002–]




When you trace the streets on the base map with the pen tablet provided, you will hear the sounds of each city in the headset you are wearing. These are the sounds you would actually hear in those places on the map. As you move the pen along the street, the sound changes as if you were walking down the street. By tracing both of the base maps on display, you will discover the differences in the sounds of different places.
And this difference suggests that recording a place in the form of sound helps us to remember the place with a sensation that is different from the sensation that imagery provokes. The sounds you hear from these base maps were recorded by the artist as he walked around the cities. One map shows the Hatsudai area where the ICC is located. The other map is of an area that will be changed several times during the exhibition period. By comparing the sounds of different streets and cities, you can reflect on our living environment, in which we are surrounded by various sounds, and the differences.



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