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“Standing while being interposed” [2013]

HORIE Toshiyuki

“Standing while being interposed”


This is a framework which brings out dynamic construction between <self, inward> and <world, outward> taking act of <stand> as a starting point/moment. The fluctuation of the <center of mass> of an actor on a force plate is amplified and displayed as a point on the projected image by computer in real time. By the simple interface of the point on the projected image and the gradually amplified scale factor, the actor perceive his/her own actions related to postural maintenance, but also encounter interpositions of unexpected motion among them (and the <center of mass> is also affected), and by the continuous transition between them, the boundary disappear, from mutual interposition/expansion and contraction between the inward and the outward, they are reconstructed. This work is designed to derive the movement- rhythm from which inward/outward arise and disappear by undermining <self> in act from within rather than viewing already prepared <work> or interpreting work by <self>. (HORIE Toshiyuki)



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