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“Solah Trabas” [2019]

Waft Lab


In “Solah Trabas,” Waft Lab continues its efforts to reconstruct the underground illegal motorcycle culture of East Java. This time it is trabas, an off-road motorcycle culture where farmers in the highlands of East Java find new routes for crop distribution and also enjoy the thrill of driving dangerously. Waft Lab conceptualizes an image of the dystopian machinery of trabas and blends this with the aesthetic of the Javanese trance dance ritual jaranan. The wild boar shown in the installation represents the character of Celeng in jaranan, a character who dances like a wild animal that knows no rules and exists in a total trance. By creating this installation, Waft Lab seeks to envision a future of the Indonesian underground that belongs to the jargon of “high tech, low life” and also raise questions about whether the culture of trabas is the futuristic answer to the character of Celeng in jaranan..



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