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“Sensing Streams 2023 - invisible, inaudible” (ICC Version) [2023]


“Sensing Streams 2023 - invisible, inaudible” (ICC Version)


This work is a collaborative piece created and presented by SAKAMOTO Ryuichi and MANABE Daito at Sapporo International Art Festival 2014. It uses sensors to detect electromagnetic waves, which are normally imperceptible to humans, and then converts them into visual and auditory forms. The piece manifests the flow of electromagnetic waves, an essential yet often unnoticed aspect of modern societal infrastructure, in various forms. It also expresses a kind of “ecosystem” which is formed through active individual participation based on the divisions of frequency band assignments to broadcasters and telecommunications operators—territories invisible to the naked eye.

The work has been exhibited in various cities including Sapporo, Tokyo, Seoul, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Chengdu, adapted every time to the unique characteristics of each exhibition venue. For the current exhibition at ICC, the work has been updated to its newest incarnation; SAKAMOTO Ryuichi and MANABE Daito had discussed numerous ideas for this update before SAKAMOTO’s passing. Although significant changes were not possible due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the work will continue with a focus on visual and auditory expression of information that is typically imperceptible to human, thus enabling continued presentation in various forms moving forward.

Sound Programming: HAMA Satoshi
Software Engineering: 2bit
Production Support Engineering: Keke (Studio Daito Manabe)
Production Management: SORA Norika, SHUKUIN Takuma (Rhizomatiks), WATANABE Rina (Studio Daito Manabe)
Technical Support: EASTERN SOUND FACTORY Co., Ltd.



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