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“Playback 2022” [2022/23]

Dumb Type + Ryuichi Sakamoto


In 2018, Dumb Type created a remodeled version of the 1989 sound installation “Playback,” which was made using analog records. Later, when “Playback” was exhibited for the 2022 Dumb Type exhibition held at Haus der Kunst in Munich, it utilized source audio from field recordings carried out around the world under SAKAMOTO’s direction. This audio was also incorporated into the new work “2022,” which was produced by Dumb Type for La Biennale di Venezia (Venice Biennale).

In August 2023, a 17-record set, comprised of the 16 records from “Playback” exhibited for the 2022 Dumb Type exhibition and the previously unreleased ‘Tokyo 2021’ source audio created by SAKAMOTO, was released to customers as “Ryuichi Sakamoto | Art Box Project 2023: Dumb Type + Ryuichi Sakamoto, Playback 2022” by commmons (in a limited run of 100 sets globally). The B sides feature specially cut maps of each region raised in relief on a circular, transparent-material world map centered on the city in question, which was achieved using the same unique technology developed by YAMAJI Shinsuke (of AUTORA FACTORY PLATE) and INADA Narumi for the installation versions wherein a proprietary technique is employed to convert the dark and light portions of images into strong and weak audio data.

The 16 records exhibited here were created specially for this exhibition by AUTORA FACTORY PLATE.

Cooperation: commmons, Toyokasei Co., Ltd.



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