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Now Online: Real Time Video Streaming [2006–10]

Now Online: Real Time Video Streaming


This is a net project with two-way connection established between cultural facilities, research institutes, and festival sites to launch multipoint information streaming and joint events. Usually, a high-resolution overhead view of the entrance or gallery space of each facility is transmitted in order to share the spaces at remote locations in real time. When an artist's talk or performance event takes place, cameras are installed at the venue for real time video streaming of the event. It is possible to receive questions from the satellite sites connected via the network.

The infrastructure of this project is “B FLETS”, an optical broadband service that NTT provides to the public. Widespread use of such infrastructure allows in-depth interaction between cultural institutions as needed. This project focuses on how cultural activities can develop based on relationships, such as the one between ICC and other cultural institutions.

Supported by: NTT Resonant Inc., and NTT Communications Corporation


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