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KAWASAKI Kohei, NAKANO Tomohiko, NAKAMURA Hiromi, HASHIMOTO Toshiyuki, UTAGAWA Kazuki, AMANO Wataru



This project introduces applications for a tool known as an “ELECTRO FORK” and a concomitant “salt-free cuisine full course.” The newly developed ELECTRO FORK electrically stimulates the tongue when food is eaten with it, controlling the foodʼs flavor through electrically generated taste sensations. The project further offers a “salt-free cuisine full course” developed by testing saltless recipes that readily bring out the salty taste produced by the ELECTRO FORK. People suffering from high blood pressure or stroke caused by excessive salt intake are unable to enjoy salt-seasoned meals. This project allows them to do so without risk to their health by enabling them to taste saltiness even in salt-free dishes and thus have a flavorful eating experience without worrying about their illness. The aim of the project is to help solve the global problem of salt intake and foster healthier eating habits and lifestyles.

Excellence Award in Entertainment Division, 20th Japan Media Arts Festival



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