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“ManMade Cocoons” [2012–]


“ManMade Cocoons”


Eternity of borosilicate glass, which has been demonstrated by highly radioactive waste to be embedded inside this material, disconnects a chain of natural circulation.
Borosilicate glass has a lower thermal expansion coefficient than that of the soda lime glass, and thus, is so-called “heat-resistant glass.” This characteristic enables us to enclose radioactive waste, including the waste-fission products, within borosilicate glass, which has been supposed to be stored for several million years under ground. However, it is almost impossible to predict how human lifestyle will change and more seriously if the human would survive so long.
Such structure of the macroscopic time supported by engineering would be taken to be same as eternity in the tradition of art. Organic matter in this artwork is being trapped forever within the glassware from the ideal view of the “producer.” However, in practice, it might crack based on some unforeseen accidents, which is utterly destructive to the artwork, results in failure of the idea. Nevertheless, it means the organic matters trapped in the glass sphere will be returned to the soil / earth. In other words, they will be back into open circulation on the planet, which can be also considered to be regeneration and hope. Such relationship between idea and reality is the subject of my work. (SAITO Hanna)



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