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“Lego-Sponge in Rectangular Parallelepiped of 2.73 Dimensions” [1998]


“Lego-Sponge in Rectangular Parallelepiped of 2.73 Dimensions”


“Lego-Sponge in Rectangular Parallelepiped of 2.73 Dimensions” is a spongy cuboid Lego block composed in a fractal geometry style of self-similar hollow spaces. It has a large square hole in the center of each side, eight similarly shaped smaller holes around the large one, and again eight holes around each of these smaller holes. NAKAZAWA’s own patented bitmap type “Device for Processing a 3-D Image” can be used for building block-like parts called “voxels,” which has been applied in this work’s physical structure.

“Device for Displaying the Space Coordinates and the 3-D Gobang” combines a display with a total of 125 coordinate values in five rows each on the vertical, horizontal and depth axes of a three-dimensional space, with the function of a three-dimensional Gobang game.

There are many artists today that utilize various computer software for the creation of their works. However up to a few years back, software used for the realization of artworks had been regarded merely as a production tool. Based on his idea that developing such software is actually the same as inventing paints and brushes for painting, and that this is just as important a part as the actual production of the artwork, NAKAZAWA collected vast amounts of materials in his “‘Art Patents’ Book.”



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