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“Kazokutchi” [2022]

KANNO So + KATO Akihiro + WATANUKI Takemi



“Kazokutchi” is a work that consists of robots (referred as “houses”) installed on a pedestal inside real exhibition spaces, and families of Kazokutchi, digital artificial lives that inhabit those houses. The data of each member of a Kazokutchi family (name, date of birth and family tree) are registered as NFTs, and can be traded. Kazokutchi can reproduce by fertilizing eggs, for which new NFTs are then automatically issued. For a successful fertilization, two “houses” need to be at an appropriate physical distance from each other during the breeding period.

With the behavior of physical robots being reflected in the NFTs’ (blockchain) actions, and metaphors of human social life such as “house” or “family tree,” “Kazokutchi” contains various hints for discussing possible new social formats, including the meanings that such novel technologies as blockchains and NFT may assume within the human society.

Next to the display of works, this exhibition is also part of an Artists-in-Residence Online program during which the works on display will be continuously updated.

1st period: June 25–December 11, 2022
2nd period: December 13, 2022–

Logo Design: OYAMA Chihiro



List of Works