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“herering” [2017]




Equipped with a device, visitors operate in an invisible color circle with “saturation” (horizontal) and “brightness” (vertical) dimensions installed in a three-dimensional space, and generate sounds and imagery by interacting with the obtained positional information.

This audiovisual installation is themed on the synesthesia of sound and color, based on control experiments* that Herbert Sidney LANGFELD carried out in the early 1900s related to so-called “chromesthesia,” a perceptual phenomenon in which music and sounds one hears evoke sensations of colors. Synesthesia is a special kind of perceptual phenomenon in which certain types of stimulation are perceived by different senses, as can be observed in some people who sense colors from letters, numbers or sounds, or tastes from shapes.

While experiencing a space constructed so that all events in it are mutually related, the visitor is at once a key element in the creation of the work itself. The environment within the space is designed to produce limitless combinations of sounds and colors according to visitors’ individual movements, resulting in richly and complexly layered textures of sounds and colors that stimulate the visitor’s senses to understand the phenomenon of synesthesia.

*Experiments using objects of comparison to verify results in scientific research.

Cooperation: TouchDesigner by Derivative



Related Information

Planner / Creative Director: FUKUCHI Makoto
Hardware Engineer: NAKANE Satoshi
Software Engineer: MATSUYAMA Shuhei
Sound Producer: ONODERA Yui
Architect / Experience Designer: ITAGAKI Kazuhiro
Communication Designer: KAWAMATA Satoshi
Producer / Project Manager: HAYASHI Shigeyoshi

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