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“Generative MV” [2023]

MANABE Daito + Rhizomatiks + Kyle McDONALD


This work is a music video that utilizes AI technology to dynamically change the background in real time in response to text input by the audience. It is based on the green screen footage of the song “Perspective” performed at the 2020 online concert “Ryuichi Sakamoto: Playing the Piano 12122020.” The work is unique in that the AI dynamically generates background effects dynamically based on text inputs from the audience.

The technology, which received significant attention in 2022, initially required tens of seconds to apply effects to images. However, thanks to improvements in algorithms and other technical innovations achieved in less than a year’s time, it became possible to complete effects processing in just several dozen milliseconds, enabling real-time applications. This made it feasible to apply real-time effects to pre-produced CG images based on audience prompts (instructions).

During the course of this exhibition, the technology is expected to evolve even further. Significant progress is anticipated, especially in terms of texture and processing methods. This work is an example of interactive art shaped by audience participation, and it demonstrates the potential of AI technology applications in contemporary art. As of December 2023, the piece reflects the technological progress of its era, serving as a valuable exemplar.

SAKAMOTO Ryuichi has always been passionate about deepening the relationship between his expression and the technology of his era while actively exploring various issues. Based on his conversations with MANABE Daito, it is apparent that his interests lie not only in archiving his own performances, but also in the development of AI through utiliziation of that data. This work pays homage to SAKAMOTO’s imaginative abilities—which have always driven him to seek out new frontiers—and is created using cutting-edge AI technology. It embraces the immaturity of real-time AI effects, which are still in the transitional stages, and creates unique visual expression that is only possible at this specific point in time.

Direction: MANABE Daito
Visualization: HORII Satoshi (Rhizomatiks)
AI Software Development: Kyle McDONALD
Software Development: NAGAMATSU Ayumu
VFX Edit: ISHII Tatsuya (Rhizomatiks)
Interface Design: KOJIMA Ichiro (Rhizomatiks)
Production Support Engineering: Keke (Studio Daito Manabe)
Video Edit: SHIMIZU Kenichiro (Pele)
Production Management: SHUKUIN Takuma (Rhizomatiks), WATANABE Rina (Studio Daito Manabe)
Sound Partner: KEF


Courtesy of KAB Inc. / Avex Entertainment Inc.
©1993 Yano Music Publishing Co., Ltd. / KAB America Inc. (ASCAP), Administered by Kobalt Songs Music Publishing



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