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“frequens” [2014]



SHIMIZU Jio creates artworks using laser light. His style is perhaps comparable to the way painters once tried to describe nature as a phenomenon through the act of drawing while examining the relationship between light and objects.

Laser light is artificially generated using a laser oscillator that amplifies light. Characterized by high directivity and energy density, laser light can be focused into an extremely small point, and projected over a long distance without diffusing. Its coherence makes laser light useful also for physical experiments.

The work exhibited here is made up of two parts. In “frequens (dimension)” (2012–14), two types of sound waves are combined to generate countless patterns of laser light interference, which are projected onto a self-built rotating screen to visualize three-dimensional sonic models. The second part, “frequens (linnerscope)” (2007–14) features long, slim water tanks that are tilted in various ways. Two types of lasers—linear and areal—are beamed onto the water as it moves inside the tanks, and by extracting the resulting wave reflections as lines and areas, the work highlights minute aspects of water that cannot be fully grasped by observing water directly.

By using laser light to observe sound and water differently from the way we normally perceive these elements, SHIMIZU aims to visualize microscopic aspects inherent in the respective objects.



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